Debt Relief Grants For Individuals

Debt Relief Grants for Individuals


One serious challenge that many in debt continue to face is the huge number of advertisements and websites that promise debt relief grants for individuals offered by the government. Nothing can be further from the truth; grants offered by the government are assistance programs designed to benefit those who are in dire need of such basic things like housing and food. Even so, the set criterion is very stringent that only those who deserve receive such assistance grants.


It is obvious that a financial grant is free money that you do not pay back. The government simply does not have that kind of money to give you to pay off your debt(s). There is simply nothing like debt relief grants offered by the government to benefit you as an individual. This is not to say that there are no grants offered by the government and state governments for individuals.


The government indeed allocates billions of dollars in the form of grants to qualifying individuals. There are indeed over 1,000 grant programs run by the government to benefit different individuals. However, these grants are not designed to be used to pay off debt. They are instead designed to be used in areas of research, development and business start ups.


You can however access debt relief grants for individuals that you can use to pay off your debt(s). You have several options depending on your status.


Non-Governmental Personal Debt Relief Grants


Offered by some non-governmental organizations, these grants are designed to assist those with heavy debt top pay off their debt(s) in order to live a debt-free life. It can however be very difficult to qualify for this grant considering that the said organizations are few and those operating have very stringent qualification criteria. Most beneficiaries happen to be the elderly, war veterans and widows/widowers.


Student Debt Relief Grants


Student DebtThese grants are specially designed to benefit students enrolled in higher learning institutions. The grant is meant to enable you to become eligible to receive student loans. These grants are usually provided by employers intent on attracting talented students who have shown special capabilities in specific areas of industry.


Medical Grant


This is a debt relief grant that you can receive if you happen to have a serious medical condition and you do not have any medical coverage for one reason or another. You must however be a low-income earner to qualify for this type of grant provided by a number of organizations, charities and non-profits.


Home Mortgage Debt Relief


You may qualify for this type of debt relief grant for individuals if you happen to own a home but are in serious debt. This is the only grant provided by the government that you can access as a homeowner and is meant to help you to continue living in your home. It is one of the government’s ways of addressing the current housing crisis.


Accessing debt relief grants for individuals can no doubt be a serious challenge. However, this does not mean that you cannot find an organization or other entity providing debt relief grants for individuals. It all depends on research and your own unique financial position.